110-1A Leather Cords



Select Black Leather Cord Size (2.5 mm)

Leather Cords

Since we have a flat-rate shipping charge of $7.50 (no matter the quantity of your order), we advise you to order extra cords when you purchase other products to save on shipping cost.

Dyed black leather cord with crimp bead end caps: This cord comes in various sizes. It is sturdy yet comfortable. 

Caution/Showering: Getting the cord wet can cause faster deterioration of the cord.

Caution/Sleeping: If sleeping with the pendant, the cord could possibly break as you toss and turn in the night. We advise that you secure the cord in one place by safety pinning the cord to your top while sleeping. See warranty guidelines for cord.  

Caution/Dyes: If you have a sensitivity to certain dyes, you might want to provide your own cord, or chain. See warranty guidelines for cord.

Warranty Guidelines: The Energy FX pendant is sealed. If your pendant has leaked in the package when you receive it, contact us immediately for a replacement. If you force it open and the liquid leaks out, the warranty is voided and the pendant will not be replaced. Neither will the pendant be replaced if you lose it. Cord: If your cord breaks within 30 days of the purchase date for any reason, we will replace it free of charge. After 30 days, you can purchase a replacement cord from our accessories line or simply replace the cord with one of your own. Sensitivity to dye: If you notice any redness or rash soon after wearing your cord, remove the cord immediately and replace it with a cord or chain of your own, or contact the corporate office and ask for a key chain replacement so you can carry the pendant in your pocket.

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